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Organization of People Empowerment (OPE) is a membership non-profit making development oriented local organization, initially established in 2008 as Community Based Organization (CBO) and finally registered as NGO to respond to some of the development needs of the communities.


OPE is established by a group of concerned voluntary Tanzanians as per the government of Tanzania NGO Act N0. 24 of 2002. It is registered with the Ministry of Community Development Gender and Children, and has a legal certificate bearing number 00NGO/00004669. OPE’s head office is located at Lubaga Ward, Lubaga Joshoni/Tanda la Ngoma road, Next  after Lubaga Roman Catholic Parish sign board, Bloc No.335 Mwasele, Shinyanga Municipal.


Our Vission

To be one of the leading local organization in advancing living standards of vulnerable youth, women and children.


Our Mission

 To support empowerment of small - scale farmers and vulnerable communities to improve quality of life through community initiatives that support learning mechanisms, environmental sustainability, engage with duty bearers and other stakeholders for improved livelihood.


OPE is governed by a legal constitution, a board of Directors composed by five members and a Project management team led by the Executive Director (ED) who is also secretary to the board of Directors.


  • Economic Empowerment

  • Women and Child Protection

  • Inclusive and disabled education promoting for Children 

  • Agriculture/Agroforestry and Land Restoration

  • HIV/AIDS prevention


  • 156 Vulnerable families with children at risk of child marriages have been empowered with poultry income generating activities

  • 436 small scale business women from Shinyanga benefited with loans from our microcredit program

  • 102 children have been rescued from forced marriages and early pregnancies

  • Violence against Women and Children (VAWC) Committees have been strengthened at 28 villages and 6 wards in Shinyanga.

  • 4 Vulnerable Women Groups  with 60 members in Shinyanga have been empowered with Sorghum Production techniques and improved their livelihood.

  • 6 Vulnerable Women groups from Shinyanga with 140 members have been empowered with vegetable production using solar pump irrigation systems.

  • 107 households have been mobilized and adopt and practice agroforestry as a way of joining Tanzania and global efforts for climate change mitigation.

  • 143 youths have been empowered with tailoring and computer skills and able to create self-employment in Shinyanga.

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